Metaphase Finder


LUCIA Metaphase Finder combines the powerful LUCIA Karyo software and the automatic MÄRZHÄUSER SLIDEEXPRESS 2 slide loader. Key features of the system are:

  • Slide-patient registration

  • Automatic metaphase search

  • High-magnification image acquisition

  • Powerful image processing and analysis

  • Reseeking of the selected metaphases

Comfortable and Flexible

  • Scans 120 slides in one session

  • As soon as each metaphase is scanned, it is accessible via the database.

  • Scans different sample types and preparation techniques.

  • Fully automatic slide loader or a basic multi-slide scanning stage can be used used in the system.

Reliable Hardware Components

Nikon Eclipse Ni-E microscope

with computer-controlled illumination and reliable-and-fast auto focus.

LUCIA Camera

with a large chip covering full field of view. See LUCIA Camera.

Märzhäuser Slide Express 2, ProScan motorized stage

A high-performance combination provides precise, fast and reliable scanning. Metaphases can be located and reviewed on any workstation thanks to the automatic coordinates recalculation procedure.

Lucia Immersion Oil Dispenser

Allows automation of the high-magnification image acquisition.

Network Configuration

Configuration options are numerous, from a single-computer system to a network of computers dedicated to partial tasks.

Metaphase Finder Station

Can run as a single machine processing the whole workflow. Or, it can be dedicated only to searching of metaphases and/or scanning of high resolution images.

Database Server

provides fast access to the metaphase galleries including the stage coordinates data. It can be a separate computer or the database engine can run on the Metaphase Finder Station.

Active Workstation

Can capture high resolution images of metaphases found by the metaphase finder.

Passive Workstation

Does not contain a camera. It is usually dedicated to karyotyping and reporting.

Laboratory Client

Can communicate with the database, register patients or view results.