Metaphase Finder


LUCIA Metaphase Finder combines the powerful LUCIA Karyo software and the automatic MÄRZHÄUSER SLIDEEXPRESS 2 slide loader. Key features of the system are:

  • Slide-patient registration

  • Automatic metaphase search

  • High-magnification image acquisition

  • Powerful image processing and analysis

  • Reseeking of the selected metaphases

Comfortable and Flexible

  • Scans 120 slides in one session

  • As soon as each metaphase is scanned, it is accessible via the database.

  • Scans different sample types and preparation techniques.

  • Fully automatic slide loader or a basic multi-slide scanning stage can be used used in the system.

Reliable Hardware Components

Nikon Eclipse Ni-E microscope

Computer-controlled illumination ensures stable lighting conditions. Motorized focusing drive with absolute coordinates ensures fast and reliable focusing.

LUCIA camera

Fast CCD camera with internal cooling.

Märzhäuser SCAN

An eight-position scanning stage developed specifically for applications such as Metaphase Finder which require speed and high accuracy.

Märzhäuser Slide Express 2, ProScan motorized stage

High-performance combination of devices that ensures high accuracy, speed and reliability of scanning. Mitoses can be arbitrarily relocated and analyzed at any other station with a microscope thanks to the automatic coordinate recalculation system.

LUCIA immersion oil dispenser

Allows automation of the high-magnification image acquisition.

Network Configuration

The configuration options of the system are endless, from one workstation for everything to a network of stations specialized in individual tasks. There are following station types:

Metaphase Finder Station

Can run as a single machine processing the whole workflow. Or, it can be dedicated only to searching of metaphases and/or scanning of high resolution images.

Database Server

The network-accessible database provides quick access to galleries of scanned metaphases stored along with their coordinates. It can be located on a separate computer, or the database server can be run on station with metaphase finder .

Active Workstation

Can capture high resolution images of metaphases found by the metaphase finder.

Passive Workstation

does not contain a camera. It is usually dedicated to karyotyping and reporting.

Laboratory Client

Can communicate with the database, register patients or view results.