Go MFISHing with LUCIA Cytogenetics

  • Using the program LUCIA Cytogenetics it is possible to display the entire genome in colors using the MFISH method.

  • LUCIA Cytogenetics can work with fluorescent probe kits from different manufacturers.

Fast and Easy Image Acquisition

microscope olympus camera lucia image
  • Get high-quality images with scientific digital CCD cameras with 14bits analog-to-digital conversion.

  • The automatic camera exposure control ensures that maximum information is transferred to the computer, no detail gets lost.

  • The complete control over a motorized microscope speeds up the image acquisition and reduces the risk of human-caused errors.

  • Predefined acquisition settings for various probe kits.

See All Details in Full Spectrum

  • See any combination of the individual color images composed into one.

  • See the rearrangements in pseudo color from the acquired image to the karyogram.

  • Labeling scheme indicators will always help you to stay informed and understand each color stain.

Utilize All information Using the Analysis Tools

  • Automatic color classification including fast pseudo color display on the raw image.

  • Automatic and manual spot filtering.

  • Rearrangement analysis allows to quickly show only the material from the selected chromosomes and thus helps clearly reveal the rearrangement.

  • Profile graphs allow to study the intensity profiles for all colors.

MFISH Method

When applying MFISH (multiplex fluorescence in situ hybridization), images of chromosomes marked with 5 different fluorophores are captured separately using optical filters. LUCIA Cytogenetics then combines these images into one, in which each chromosome is assigned a distinct color based on the composition of the fluorophore.

MFISH complements the standard cytogenetic methods. It is very helpful in deciphering complex chromosomal rearrangements. It is used to identify non-random structural chromosome rearrangements not detectable by other methods.

MFISH allows rapid identification of simple and complex chromosomal alterations in metaphase spreads which may be associated with a disease initiation and progression. Therefore the applications of MFISH imaging are spreading fast - particularly in the field of cancer research.

Since M-FISH (24-color FISH) is based on chromosome painting it can only be applied to metaphases.

Integration with Other LUCIA Products

mfish reports in database image

Module LUCIA Cytogenetics - MFISH is fully compatible and can be integrated with other LUCIA products: