This product equipped either with the Lucia camera or the Nikon DS-Qi2 camera bears the CE marking and can be also used as an IVD (in vitro diagnostic) medical device.


LUCIA Karyo is a powerful feature-rich software created by experienced programmers who work in tight cooperation with experts on biology and cytogenetics. The whole team's top priority is to provide a capable helper for all kinds (and sizes) of cytogenetic laboratories.

Image Acquisition

  • Well-tested device combinations

  • Automatic camera setup

  • Extra large scene scanning and image stitching

  • Ex-post acquisition of escaped chromosomes - chromosome collecting.

Karyotyping automation

  • Assisted chromosome separation

  • Automatic chromosome classification

  • Customizable karyogram layout

  • Tools for chromosome editing and enhancement

  • Chromosome comparison tools

History of Actions

  • Go back and forth in the unlimited history of actions.

  • Manage complete history of images and examinations using the Audit Trail module.

Integration with Other LUCIA Products

Program LUCIA Cytogenetics - Karyo is fully compatible and can be operated with other LUCIA products: