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LUCIA Micronucleus

Automated Scoring of In Vitro Micronucleus Assay

The cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay using isolated human lymphocytes serves as a reliable genotoxicity test for evaluation of DNA damage.



  1. The system scans each slide using a 20x or 40x objective lens and detects binucleated cells.

  2. Each such a cell is analyzed for presence of micronuclei.

  3. Results of the analysis are stored into a database. Each record contains:

    • Thumbnail image of the cell

    • Cell score = number of micronuclei

    • Detection mask for manual scoring as a separate image layer

    • Cell position on the slide - an easy tool to locate the cell, check it through eyepiece, or acquire its image with high-magnification objective. The position coordinates are transferable between different XY stages in the lab.

  4. Cell records are grouped by slides in the database. Slide statistics are available.

Detected cells after automatic scoring, slide statistics

Automatic scanning LUCIA MircoNucleus automatic scanning system is built on the latest motorized Nikon microscope equipped with a scientific grade color camera and a scanning stage. A multi-slide (4-8) scanning stage or a slide loader with the capacity of 200 slides can be used.

Typical setup using an 8-slide XY stage.

Manual scoring, removing mis-detected objects from statistics

Integration with LUCIA Cytogenetics LUCIA Micronucleus can be integrated with other products and features of LUCIA Cytogenetics product line:

  • LUCIA Metaphase Finder

  • High performance SQL database module

  • Visual report tool with the possibility to report scanning results

  • Barcode functions usable for automation of printing, scanning and searching

  • Other LUCIA applications