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LUCIA Cytogenetics™

Automated Microscope Control

LUCIA Cytogenetics™ is automation-friendly:

  • Control of all motorized parts of a microscope

  • Control of external devices: shutter, filter turret, filter wheels, light path etc.

  • Image acquisition settings per fluorescent probe set

  • Observation filter (used for eye piece) per fluorescent probe set

  • Z-axis control.

Flexible FISH Image Acquisition

Image acquisition with different levels of user control, from fully-automatic to fully-manual

  • Separate camera settings are saved for each fluorescent probe.

  • Various automatic exposure options

    • Continuous or single-push auto exposure

    • User defined target values (% of overexposed pixels, target maximal intensity)

    • Live image speed acceleration

    • Reducing image to a region of interest (area probe)

  • Usage of a highly sensitive CCD camera (up to 14 bits and 67 dB SNR).

  • Maximum-quality or minimum-time image acquisition.

  • Extended depth of focus (EDF) acquisition for thick samples such as tissue sections.

  • Fully automated EDF.

Thick sample acquisition

  • Different objects are visible when focusing through Z axis (Z1, Z2).

  • The thick sample acquisition (EDF) tool merges focused areas of the whole Z-stack and creates a single perfect image.

True or False Color Display

  • During the acquisition, each image component is associated with a probe and obtains its name and display color.

  • The name and color of the components can be changed later, the information is stored with the image.

  • True (real) or false (pseudo) color display can be achieved by assigning appropriate colors to each image component.

  • One component, usually DAPI, can be marked as counterstaining - this component can be displayed as inverted (black on the white background).

  • Any combination of components or a single component alone can be displayed.

  • The color display options can differ for on-screen display, reports and exports.

The counterstaining component displayed as inverted

True color report

Pseudo color report

True color display

Thick sample captured with LUCIA Cytogenetics


Image enhancements and Annotations

  • Easy per component contrast enhancement can be done by specifying part of the background in the image.

  • Delete unwanted object with a simple eraser.

  • Tune the resulting colors by the signal purification procedure or by color unmixing.

  • Align components by pixel shifting to correct possible inaccuracies caused by misalignment of filter cubes.

  • Simply annotate the image using custom predefined phrases and arrows.

    Drag-and-drop annotation tool

Database and Report

  • Use the powerful Lucia Database™ to store and manage your results.

  • Create perfectly looking layouts for reports, presentations or publications.

  • Modify the image display specially for report purposes - e.g. a selected component, any component combination, inverted counterstain, thumbnail mosaic.

Print-optimized report, mosaic

Image / patient database